January 2018 Blog - Lady Death Review


For this month's blog I have decided to share my newest addition to my expanding collection of Phicen / TBLeague figures.

DELUXE Lady Death: Death's Warrior V2 - Item No:PL2017-104

This package deal consistes of Lady Death and a Huge and incredibale detailed skull adorned throne. They offer this is 3 ways. The deluxe package (my choice of course) consists of both the figure and throne but you can get either one separately if you want.

This grouping was so large that they did not send it via DHL but China Post. Normally I get my figures whin in 3 working days of shipping, this one took over a week, but well worth the wait.

I was surprised to find her wrapped in plastic wrap and removed it a piece at a time (don't want to screw up the outfit) and made me nervous. I verified with TBLeague that this was to protect her milky white skin in transport. Well as you can see she turned out just fine.

She now joins the Dark side of my collection and assumes her rightfull place as Queen of the dead.


Click image above for the gallery and full-size photos.


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nice review and a good looking doll soon you will need a warehouse to hold them all.



Yes ... incredible detail ... the throne is cool looking too. Thanks for enlightening me. yes


I have to admit that I always become a bit envious when seeing other dolls that can spend their lives living between loads of beautiful props.  I do my best to remind myself that it is just props, but nonetheless it would be great to decorate my part of the room with it instead of all the giant size stuff that is at my disposal, which indeed are not props, but well... it is giant size.. Ok, a throne with skulls never has been very high on my list , but if your Lady Death would decide to get rid of it, then I am sure I can find a place for it! laugh


A wonderful addition to your gang of Phicens. The detail looks incredible. 

It would be good to see you create an extended backdrop..

And it will be interesting to see if any stains apear opver time on the white skin due to the outfit she wears..!