Love is in the Air with the Goddess of Love Around!


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Item No:PL2017-106 - Item Name:1/6 Scale Athena Action Figure

It must be obvious to my readers by now that I have a thing for Phicens / TBLeague figures. This month's example is just one more reason why I have this addiction.

Now I don't get every figure they make as I prefer to stick with the lovely ladies verses the 'WTF' ladies, lol. This month is no exception. Already 'Sold Out' before I even get to post my un boxing of her. This is the Goddess Athena and love is in the air.

As it is a lot of work putting some of these ladies together (if you don't own a few pair of tweezers and a good pair of 500 power hobby glasses then you are in trouble). This one comes with so many little parts I gasped at first. In order to get this done I required some help. Who better than one of my other lovelies than Red Sonja (first version, not into scars and dripping blood).  

It took almost an hour of some very frustrating time to dress her in all those bits of armor. You need to remove her hands and feet (boots) to dress her. Be careful that you start from top to bottom. Nothing more frustrating than having to remove something because you did them in the wrong sequence).

Now when she was dressed it was Red who noticed her tits were so much larger than the Goddess of love's. Just to be sure (and to answer the question on everyone's mind), yes. She does have nipples. Not colored but they are there. Thanks for small favors, lol.

The stand is huge and heavy and like all of my Phicen extras. It will go back into the box and be put away. These are as much of a collection as the action figures are. So considering their after market value it is smart to get the entire deluxe set.

Now Athena did not take kindly to having her boob exposed in public and therefore she is a little angry. Enter the 'Love' Dragon, Smug, who tells the ladies how it is important to recognize that all tits, big or small, are what makes life worth living and that it is all about love. The girls hear his words of wisdom. Athena's anger subsides and Love is in the air!!

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nice unboxing pics LR she has a nice face, good to see smug again also.




Love is in the air alright. So much so I wanna be shrunk down! 

Love Red Sonjaheart

Great job LR!


Finally I get to puruse the latest edition to your familywink. And wow. What an edition..!

Phicen certainly maske some wonderful accesorries to compliment the ladies. 

I love picture #7.. Red Sonja is saying .."I'm better looking than her"... hehehe..

Well done Lone.. Another fantastic display of your talants. Oz.