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Masai’s blog: July 2023 – Give Something Up

Lately I’ve realized that I have accumulated so much stuff over the years that it was time to downsize. I also realized I needed to give up watching evening television and start reading more. Currently I am enjoying a great book titled Harlem Shuffle by the award winning author, Colson Whitehead. When I started plowing through clothes that I didn’t need anymore and clothes I was holding onto from my late Wife, before I knew it I had 20 large green hefty bags full of clothes, shoes, coats and you name it. It was a little tough at first but after a while I felt really good about it.

I gave many of my Wife’s items to my daughter and sister-inlaw and the rest went to the goodwill. They were actually happy to see me because I had some pretty nice stuff in those bags. All this lends itself to the unnecessary foods I’ve given up along with other bad habits I developed over the years. I’ve been doing some summer cleaning in my house and a small amount of yard/property maintenance which makes me feel like I am promoting the best version of myself post surgery. Since I am somewhat of a hoarder it’s been a challenge to give many things up but at the end of the day it is super cleansing and Lorrie is really proud of me.

Happy month of July everyone,

Masai & Lorrie

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4891d, Thank you for the poetry, she is like a ray of Sunshine in my bed. I love her.:)