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October 2023


Name: Heady

Owner (Alias) (Alias): Musiclover

(instagram alias): doll_lover_2022

Location (State and Country): British Columbia Canada

Short Bio:  I recently moved from China to Canada where I live with my 7 sisters. I am interested in photography and modeling.

Musiclover N' Heady heart





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Heady Vital Statistics

Bust: 87 cm 34"

Waist: 63 cm 24.8"

Hips: 105 cm 41.3"

Height: 170 cm 67"

Weight: 43 kg 95 lbs

Bra Size: 34C

Shoe Size: 9

Dress Size: 4/6 small/medium

Model Date: Model Real Lady doll...August 2023



Custom Features

Body Type: Silicone

Head Type: hard silicone

Upgrades: Gel breasts

Feet Bolts: no

Skin Tone: Dark tan

Eye Color: Brown

Makeup: The makeup for this shoot i used brown orange and gold eyeshadow, black and yellow eyeliner , light tan highlighter under her eyes, dark tan shading under cheekbones pink blush.

Hair Color: Medium brown

Hairstyle: hair has a side part

Nail Color: Pearl fingernails, red toes

Lip Color: dark pink base with red shimmer.

Pubic Hair: None







Previous Appearances: Real Lady doll review thread, and Instagram.

My TDF thread: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2413466#p2413466

Video: None

Doll girlfriends: to many to list

Ambition: To become a fashion model

Best Quality: my love for my family  smiley

Words to Live by: If you want to receive love, you need to give love. open your heart and your mind to your friends

I Love: I love all of my supportive friends.

I Hate: -

Perfect Evening: Do my hair makeup put on a nice dresses and take some pictures.

Untold Fantasy: To do a intimate photo shoot with another girl

I Feel Sexy When: when wearing tight clothing devil

My Idea of fun: shopping for new clothes

Aphrodisiacs: when my hair is being brushed  

My Lingerie Drawer: is satin and lace

You can never have enough: dresses  

Favorite Position: depends on the heat of the moment

Favorite sport(s): beach volleyball

Favorite musical group(s), song(s): (this week) Olivia Rodrigo new album

Favorite Artist(s), Painting(s): -

Favorite Author(s), book(s): Stephen king

Favorite TV Show(s): Netflix

Favorite movie(s): Avatar

Favorite Place: home  smiley

Favorite Quote: whats next, and karmas a bitch







Heady Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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I love her look, excellent taste!