Irontech Doll

Mishka's Blog For May 2024

Welcome and enjoy the blog for May

This month I am featuring my Reallady - from Irontech doll, and a Easter themed photo set. The outfit came from Irontech, and I decided to use it for this picture set. As in many of my photos, I film outdoors and this time I used more props to make the set special.

The green grass is actually a roll of astro-turf and rolled out onto the patio and made to look realistic. The rest of the items like flower basket with wine and glass, a few pillows for the park bench were added in to give a warm inviting feel.

Mishka's Blog For March 2024

For this month in March, I am featuring a Realday doll from Irontech. This beautiful doll was provided for photos and to help promote the brand, and I am real exited to have her at the doll house. She is a full silicone 170cm doll, with realistic details unlike anything I have seen before. Designed and details from a fully 3D scanned person, the exact skin details are realistically transfered over. Also, the skin is extremely soft, and she currently has the softest skin I have of all my dolls.