Mia Take's The Bunny By The Ears


Oh yes, Mia dared to do it.....again.

This shooting theme has some history dating back to November 2014!

I still remember the cold and sunny Sunday morning, having trouble to awake Miss Mia from her doll beauty sleep. This lazy behavior hasn't changed 3 years later and she still loves to slumber under the warm duvet but there're some exception in her schedule and of course......there's a 'Mia wishlist'. 
Since we work with a new "picture capturing device" (also known as "camera" in the professional jargon) exactly THIS exceptional shooting was also on my own wishlist and merits better and sharper pics...-...just good enough to suit Mia's high demand on satisfaction.

Here's the link to the original 2014 edition.

That said, here's the redo of "Take The Bunny By The Ears". The 2016 edition was created with the same enthusiastic power as the original version......hope YOU enjoy it as well devil

- SF & gals -

Click image for gallery and full size photos.

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Mia is very sexy and very attractive on these pictures.
A lot of sensuality heart

Mia knows how to lead a shooting.....she's like a conductor in a concert and I just follow her road.
She has some talents to show her body.

Thank you Fred wink 

I've always had a soft spot for Mia and this recreation clearly shows why. Such a delightfully playful lady

Here's Mia and I'm very enjoyed about your kind words. Here's a special Valentine hug  heart just for you DM.

XoXo, your Mia


Mia is exquisite SF! Her eyes look darker in this shoot ... it works!

Love your photography my friend yes

Yeah, her face changed a little with time. These dolls have also changed myself....in a positive way!!
Thanks so much for your input dear Swan.

- SF -



Share your stories with all the love you've in your heart and it will be sucessfully!!

That's what we live, that's what we want.

- SF & the team -

Just wonderful.... Mia, my cute Japanese jewel smiley 

- SF -


When Mia grabed the bunny did your ears hurt!!winkdevil

Hey deerman, she grabed so smartly laugh

- SF -

Great pics, SF, Mia was simply irresistable. Amazing! Chris

She knows to use her irrestible body shapes angel
Thanks Chris!!

- SF -