Mishka's Blog For November 2023


As we approach the winter months, it's time to head indoors, and put up a decorative tree, and celebrate the holidays. Well I am staying outdoors for a bit longer, and celebrating my RealLady from IronTech, whom I am featuring this month.

I filmed her arrival a month or more ago, and was quite delighted to see a very realistic doll, with normal human proportions, and with very high detailed skin, so much so that I was left rather amazed.

Her skin details and the aire of her quality was quite unexpected, and I was very eager to get a few photos of her. After an initial inspection and review, I west to visit my friend Dees, and Panther, and both Panther and I got a reallady.

We settled on a baroque theme and filmed them together there. The lighting was great and the amount of shade that we had enabled us to get really good photos of them. We did struggle with the 90+lb dolls and posing them together and safely was a challenge. I shot the photos with my Sony a7R mark IV, and 135mm f1.4 lenses to get a dreamy effect, and we all liked the results. Here's are few pictures from that day!

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