Happy birthday Lilica!


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“Happy birthday Lilica!”

The month of November is marked by Lilica's birthday. This year, she celebrates her 12th birthday!

This magnificent doll has been sharing my daily life, my secrets, my confidences for 12 years  She is my muse, my companion, my soul mate.

Over all these years, we have taken thousands of photos. As you may know, Lilica got a new body in April 2022. A beautiful AI Doll S+ body was made by 4Woods Europe. 

This body, literally metamorphosed. She became more feminine, more mature, more sexy and sensual...to my greatest pleasure.!

I love photographing her, I love this doll.

To celebrate his birthday, I offer you a small sample of the different life scenes that we have created over the past year. You can also find them on my little website.

Happy birthday my Lilica!





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Wow, what a great set of sensual photos.

Lilica is gorgeous cool