Mishka's Blog For January 2024


Happy New Year to you all!

For January, being it's a bit cold, I decided to feature a HOT lady, an Irontech RealLady in fact, that was delivered last year. It's no secret that she was designed from the ground up, skin and anatomy was obtained using a high resolution 3D scan.

Her details are very apparent in bright daylight, but for this blog, I decided to use more subtle and natural lighting to set the mood. One thing that is quite apparent, is her very nice shaped body, with a bit of curves on her, make her look very realistic.

Her joints feel siilar to other dolls I have, but where she stands out is her soft skin, which I cannot explain other than it's the best of all my dolls. This has not made her more delicate at all, just more realistic, and fun to get exciting poses with.

I went ahead and decided to show a few more pics of her here, and hope you like them. These were all shot using a 35mm or 55mm lens f.14 on my Sony RIV.

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