Unlocking The Next Level Sigma - Tasha's Life Style Talk June 2024



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Unlocking The Next Level Sigma


To unlock the next level of being a Sigma woman, you have to desire personal growth.  Being strong and thinking strategically are essential for next-level advancement.  I'd like to share some steps I use for my personal growth and to get to the next level.

Stay cool

First, when the going gets tough, stay cool, think rationally, handle circumstances rationally, and make goals:  To be a Sigma Woman, you must learn to keep cool when things go wrong.  Take a deep breath and consider your options. Do something fun to unwind.  I love gardening and love to lose myself in my garden.  My tomato plants represent my family heritage and love of plants and nature.


Back to it

After you take a break, reorganize your challenges into manageable pieces. Clear, achievable goals should guide your efforts. Check and adjust your goals regularly to ensure they match your long-term vision.

Set and stick to your goals

Focusing on and sticking to your goals requires commitment.  Success in anything requires self-discipline. Regular routines can help you stick to your goals. Schedule uninterrupted work times, exercise regularly, and take time to think. Use planners, apps, and journals to manage your job and stay accountable. Think of the satisfaction you feel when reaching your goals. Stick to your path, girl!

Push it, real good

Take on challenges to achieve your goals. Personal growth means pushing yourself beyond your limits. Go beyond your comfort level. That feeling is a sign that you're growing and headed toward your goals. Celebrate small victories! It will help you recognize your progress.

F.E.A.R. Face everything and rise.

Be brave and tackle your fears.  Babe, we all feel fear but keep going. Fear is normal, but it shouldn't hold you back. Face your anxieties. Practice in front of a small group of friends if public speaking makes you nervous. Next, try larger groups. Every step reduces fear and boosts your confidence.

Your Visual Diet*

Evaluate your visual diet.  Always consider what you read and who you follow. The content you consume from others and the sources you spend time with can shape your thoughts and actions. Surround yourself with and keep up with inspiring social media accounts, read books that challenge your thinking, and spend time with others who are supportive.  Maintain a healthy visual diet that feeds your thoughts and ambitions.


Productivity requires remaining focused and away from distractions. Organize your tasks. Choose a workspace, utilize noise-canceling headphones, and schedule email and social media checks. Set aside times to focus on one task.

Be F*cking NICE

LOL, Just kidding.  But really, be kind and open to people. Give love and joy. Generosity and kindness help you grow and build relationships. Find ways to serve others, whether by giving advice, sharing knowledge, or lending a hand. Living by these ideas can improve your life and the world. Creating a healthy, loving environment is crucial.

Dip your toes and swim,  but don't drown

Even if you disagree with social norms, it's okay to ignore them. Open your mind to improve your chances of success. It's like feeling society's pulse. Although we must stick to our beliefs, being open to alternative viewpoints can help. The greatest method to achieve your goals without compromising your ideals is to arrange your social interactions. Accept others' perspectives and look forward to interacting with them while remaining true to yourself.



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