Happy Hottie Holiday


December, time for our yearly Christmas shooting. All to be done last minute as CoverDoll is about to be published. We’re lucky. It starts snowing, so we do have a white Christmas background angel

The girls seem to be a bit bored: “Same as every year, wearing some red clothes and a Santa hat. This year no Santa hat!” angry

Do I have to work with such an attitude? Well, maybe they’ll change when we’re started. After trying with different light settings, finally we got a first decent shot. And as I expected, the girls change mood. But is it as expected?

They tell me that this Christmas shoot will be different. “It’s cold outside, we’ll make it a hot holiday!” Rebecca, Lissa, Lina and Sacha flash their boobies. And that’s not all blush

The girls wish all readers of CoverDoll a Happy Hottie Holiday! And a Naughty New Year!

Click image for gallery and full-size photos.

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All those lovely ladies you must be verry busey!!devil

Great photos of all your girls! Love seeing them all topless! 

Thank you AH smiley well, there's a kind of exhibitionists virus going round at my place surprise Don't worry, I didn't got it, probably because the flu hit me first but I'm able to handle that one winkAnd for the girls, well let the virus go round and round devil

You must have had a blast shooting these!  wink