Ice Queen


“To me she looks aloof and frosty!” was a comment on one of Michelle’s previous photos. This inspired me for her next shoot. I remembered that there was a “Shui Mo” dress in our wardrobe having frosty colours. Shui Mo is Chinese ink and wash painting. This dress is a fantasy style having traditional Chinese accents and a Shui Mo look. Wearing this dress Michelle looks like a real Ice Queen cool

Michelle agreed to do this shoot and put on her most frosty look cheeky

Please enjoy my beloved Ice Queen blush

Click image for gallery and full-size photos.

P.S. Michelle recommends to watch this vid by Within Temptation while looking at her photos -I do hope you have two screens frown

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This dress and its colors go very well with Michelle's new hair style.
Very nice series of photos yes

Being that hot the frost would melt. The dress needs to be warned!

Apologies for sense of humour.


Best wishes