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CoverDoll April 2019 Kalena Mei


This Month's Contents


On the Cover...


. . In The Vogue . .

This month’s Coverdoll features TJ_Foxx's Kalena Mei, Aloha! A girl from Hawaii, are you ready for her ...  smiley

Also In This Issue...


Monthly Featured Photographer


April Featured Photographer is BillMartin9029, showing us Hiyoko, she has been a terrific model ... smiley


Nescio50's Blog

Lina at Nescio's desk. Secretary or not, she's damn hot!  smiley

Lilica & Yurica's Blog

It's Spring! The favourite season of Lilica & Yurica, even Lilica does have a fresh look ... smiley

LoneRanger’s Blog

LoneRanger takes us back in history to the Hundred Years' War, the 15th Century with Joan of Arc, Maid of Orléans ...  surprise

Mishka's Studio

April rain brings May flowers, and a high speed sync strobe that enables one to shoot outdoors even in the blazing sun ... smiley

Foxx Fashion Blog

Tashie presents Fashion Haul part II, the kewlest Aquarius set from Dolls Kill Horoscopez ...  smiley

Mr. Franz Vids

This month's vlog is called "Slumber Party Prankster", you just have to watch it ... smiley

*A CoverDoll Special*

Why Your Next Doll Should Be A Miniature, it is all explained by Scooter_ca  smiley



DollyForMe's Review

"The Beach Bum"

This month’s review from Dollyforme is called "The Beach Bum". It’s an earnestly sweet, incredibly funny, and extraordinarily affecting work that, much like its protagonist, possess such a beautiful heart beneath all the aesthetic trappings ... Smiling

Virtual Babes

This month you'll be seduced, seduced by this V.Babe by Kharn Smiling

Art Folder

Coverdoll's art section contains drawings and 3-D renderings by various artists and are added as they become available.

We added new 3D art by Mishka.


As usual I try each month to do a poster of each of the CoverDolls and this month's poster features the amazing Kalena Mei from TJ_Foxx and is simply titled "Reflections" Smiling

Living Dolls

"Hobson's Choice"

from B-man & Kharn

Captain Curly and some of her crew have been been attacked by a hologram ...

A new episode of The Living Dolls.

CoverDoll Calendar

Each month through 2019 we’ll be revisiting the photographer of that month in the previous year with a new pin-up calendar!

Stellai’s blog

Stellai's April Report, and besides that some great photos taken at the Dutch National Open Air Museum featuring Stellai, Dibby, Kayla and Koen ...  smiley

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