Red Hot and Old


Red hot and old. I’m not talking about Michelle. I wouldn’t dare to say that she’s old, she isn’t. Her dress is old. It was bought seven years ago and since then several girls were photographed wearing this dress. It’s simple. It’s among the best dresses I ever bought. Her boots are old too, even her pants are old, but her stockings are brand new!

And Michelle, she's here for one year heart

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Great photos of Michelle. Congratulations Nescio.

This dress with hearts and these boots are very sexy.

The red and black suits him well.

Congratulations also for the poses, very realistic.

Thank you Fred! It was fun getting her all dressed-up for this shoot devil

Yes, Michelle is often naked
But we like that heart

Red's her color, all right. She'll always be beautiful.

A seven year old dress, Wooow, that is old!! It is older that I am, which makes it pretty much pre-historical. But the dress is stunning, no doubt about that. You're looking swell, Michelle! yesheart